Play is an experimental art and music project.  One of a kind cassettes are mailed out or sold. Artist does not keep a copy. Yours to reproduce, publish or claim to have created yourself. Recycle or destroy as you wish.

Play 1: Country music, Didgeridoo, Montgomery County EMS Dispatch, Gemini V, Uncle Arthur and Mary 1991

Play 2: Didgeridoo loop, Vocalization

Play 3: Letter to Mother, Records, Sax loop

Play 4: Whales, Yoga, Monotron, Records, Excersize, Letter to Mother

Play 5: Popular record, Uncle Jake, America, Dreams

Play 6: Voice, strings, loops

Play 7: Vinyl and Cassette loop, Monks, Whales, Birds

Play 8: Looped sounds, astronauts

Play 9: Old records, Casio VL-Tone, Cassette voices

Play 10: Play 1 through 9

If you have any questions write to me at [email protected]